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Learn to Knit - Foundations of Knitting

So you want to learn to knit? It's still cold outside and you've been thinking about picking up a knitting hobby to make yourself a cozy scarf. Come to this 2 class series to try it out and see if your passing interest can turn into your new favorite pastime.

Learn to Knit Refresher

This class is for anyone who has taken a Learn to Knit class at Yarns in the Farms in the past 6 months.

Learn to Love Sock Knitting!

Intrigued by the idea of knitting your own socks? Just how do you turn a knitted tube into something that will actually fit your foot? Come find out!

Jun 9
Learn to Knit - Foundations of Knitting
Jun 12
Learn to Love Sock Knitting!
Jun 16
Learn to Knit - Foundations of Knitting

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We inspire and encourage every fiber enthusiast on their creative path. We know when you spend the time creating something with your hands, it's important to have materials that bring joy to your hands and heart. We focus on natural fibers and support independent dyers while also carrying those all important yarns that you can't live without because of their consistent feel and color that work in so many projects.
We are a community of creators who encourage, inspire, and educate each other. 

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