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Bang Out a Sweater (3 session package)


We are joining the ladies of Mason-Dixon Knitting in knitting up some gorgeous sweater patterns designed by Norah Gaughan.

WHAT: For the past few Februaries, Ann & Kay of Mason-Dixon Knitting have hosted a Bang Out a Sweater challenge on-line. This year we're jumping in on the fun! Using the patterns in The MDK Field Guide No. 9: Revolution, challenge yourself to knit a sweater in 28 days. (We have copies of the Field Guide available at the shop!)

WHO: Norah is a revolutionary designer who is a master of cables, construction, and interchangeability! As the featured designer in The MDK Field Guide No. 9: Revolution, she presents three yoke designs which are interchangeable - you can make a pullover, a cardigan, or a capelet. And we will be here to help and cheer you on!

WHEN: Kick off is Friday, February 1!! We are hosting a cast-on event on 2/1 from 3-7pm. Then, join us on 2/13 and 2/27 to get help with your sweater and share your progress with others (we'll have two sessions on these days to try to accommodate everyone's schedules - from 10am-12pm and 5pm-7pm). Sign up for each session individually or register in advance for all 3, your choice!

Many of us at the shop are really looking forward to challenging ourselves to complete a sweater in such a short amount of time. And if for some reason we miss the mark and don't make it? Well, we'll have beautiful new sweaters to show off sometime in March!

Bang Out a Sweater (3 session package)

$ 25.00
Price includes 3 sessions of your choice