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Sebastian the Lion

Sebastian the Lion Beginner Crochet Kit by The Woobles

Meet Sebastian
Though he may have a reputation for being fierce, Sebastian the Lion is really just an overgrown kitty whose woobly cheeks and irresistible cuddles will capture your heart.

That glorious mane might seem a bit tricky, but don't worry -- the super helpful instructions will soon have you whipping out chain stitches like a pro and roaring with pride. Just imagine him curling up on your couch or batting at a sunbeam, and we think you'll agree the extra effort is absolutely worth it.

What's Included
- step-by-step tutorials
- pre-started crochet piece so you can get right into practicing the main crochet stitch
- yellow, orange, white, and black yarn
- 4mm ergonomic crochet hook
- plastic eyes
- stuffing
- tapestry needle
- stitch marker
- drawstring bag to carry everything
- pattern as a PDF download

Skill Level: Beginner+