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Bjorn the Narwhal

Bjorn the Narwhal Beginner Crochet Kit by The Woobles

Meet Bjorn
If you're in the mood for a bit of whim-sea, allow us to introduce Bjorn the Narwhal and his swim-tacular tusk! Not only is he a total sweetheart, but he's also a real tail-blazer - our first fully aquatic Wooble.

Though you'll have to crochet two pieces together to make that flipper-ific tail, it'll be snow problem since whale be right there, ready to help with or step-by-step video tutorials. So go ahead and take the plunge - we prom-ice you won't regret it!

What's Included
- step-by-step tutorials
- pre-started crochet piece so you can get right into practicing the main crochet stitch
- yarn
- 4mm ergonomic crochet hook
- plastic eyes
- stuffing
- tapestry needle
- stitch marker
- pattern as a PDF download

Skill Level: Beginner